The Tragic Story of Chrissy, Stranger Things’ Most Underrated Character

You remember Eleven, and you definitely remember Hopper, but do you recall Chrissy? The redheaded cheerleader with a heart of gold who deserved so much better. Though her time on Stranger Things was fleeting, Chrissy left an indelible mark and taught us some poignant life lessons. Her story is a tragic reminder of how unfair life can be and how the good are not always rewarded. But even in her short time, Chrissy showed us the power of kindness and compassion. She didn’t deserve the cruel hand dealt to her, but through it all, she never lost her sweet spirit. This is the untold story of Chrissy, Stranger Things’ most underrated character. Though gone too soon, her memory lives on. Raise a glass of New Coke in her honor.

Introducing Chrissy Cunningham: Stranger Things’ Tragic Heroine

Introducing Chrissy Cunningham: Stranger Things’ Tragic Heroine

Chrissy Cunningham, the ill-fated high schooler in Stranger Things season 1, deserved so much better. This secondary character captured our hearts in just one episode before meeting a grim demise.

Chrissy seemed like your typical ’80s teen – into music, friends, and having a good time. Little did she know she would fall prey to the nefarious experiments happening at Hawkins Lab. While searching for her missing friend Barb, Chrissy followed a strange noise into the woods where she encountered the Demogorgon. Her blood-curdling screams as she was dragged to the Upside Down still haunt us today.

Chrissy’s tragic fate highlighted the threat facing Hawkins and raised the stakes for our favorite characters. Though her time on screen was brief, Chrissy made a lasting impact and embodied the innocence of youth cut short by sinister forces beyond her control. She deserved to grow up, graduate, and live out her dreams of traveling the world – not become fodder for a nightmarish dimension and a reminder of how cruel and unfair life can be.

While justice for Barb remains a rallying cry in the Stranger Things fandom, we must not forget Chrissy. Her death was no less tragic or meaningful. She gave her young life to warn the town of the terror in their midst and remind us of the fragility of human existence in the face of a seemingly unstoppable evil. Though gone too soon, Chrissy Cunningham lives on as a cautionary tale and a sobering reminder of how fortunate we are to see another day in a world without monsters. Her memory will not be forgotten.

Chrissy’s Connection to Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

Chrissy was more connected to Eddie Munson than most realize. As the captain of the cheerleading team, Chrissy seemed like an unlikely friend for Eddie, the leader of the Hellfire Club. But their secret bond showed that opposites attract.

Chrissy was one of the few people who saw past Eddie’s metalhead exterior and recognized his kind heart. While the other popular kids mocked Eddie, Chrissy stood up for him. She even convinced her cheerleading squad to perform at one of his D&D campaigns to show support.

Eddie, likewise, saw beyond Chrissy’s superficial popularity. He appreciated her humor, wit and intelligence that others overlooked. Eddie and Chrissy bonded over their shared experiences as outsiders who didn’t quite fit into the rigid cliques of high school.

  • They both struggled with parents who didn’t understand them. Chrissy’s mom pushed her into a cookie-cutter life of cheerleading and beauty pageants. Eddie’s dad condemned his interest in D&D and metal music.
  • They shared a rebellious streak against the status quo and thirst for adventure. While Chrissy’s sense of adventure was stifled, Eddie’s came out through D&D and his music.
  • At their core, they were both sensitive souls in search of real human connection – something rare in the superficial dynamics of high school.

Chrissy and Eddie’s unlikely but poignant friendship showed that true understanding transcends appearances and stereotypes. Though Chrissy’s time was cut tragically short, her memory lives on in Eddie through their special bond, reminding him to look past the surface to find the adventure within.

The Devastating Effects of Chrissy’s Death

Chrissy’s death in Stranger Things season 4 was utterly devastating for viewers. As one of the show’s most complex and relatable characters, her tragic fate left fans heartbroken.

The Loss of A Fan Favorite

Chrissy quickly became a fan favorite after her introduction early in the season. Her sweet, caring nature and relatability made her instantly lovable. Viewers connected with her struggles in high school and longing to fit in. Many saw themselves in her charming awkwardness and insecurities.

Unfulfilled Potential

Chrissy’s character had so much potential for growth and development over multiple seasons. Viewers were eager to see her come into her own and gain more confidence and independence as she navigated her teenage years. Her blossoming friendship with Nancy offered a glimpse of the strong, empowered young woman she was becoming. Tragically, we will never get to see the incredible person Chrissy would have become.

A Sobering Reminder of the Show’s Dark Tone

While Chrissy’s death was shocking, it served as an important reminder of the sinister threats lurking in Hawkins. The show has never shied away from killing off characters, no matter how beloved. Chrissy’s gruesome and premature end reinforced that no one is truly safe, and the darkness will continue to claim victims in its wake. Her death raised the stakes for the season and intensified the looming danger.

Chrissy may have only appeared briefly, but her impact was hugely significant. Though gone too soon, she will live on as a cautionary tale of the evil that haunts Hawkins and as a reminder of the fragility of life. Her memory serves as a sobering warning – darkness is coming, and no one is safe. Chrissy, you will be dearly missed.

Chrissy’s Legacy and Impact on Hawkins

Chrissy’s tragic death in the first episode of Stranger Things season 1 shocked viewers and set the tone for the darkness to come. Though her time on the show was brief, Chrissy made a lasting impact on the town of Hawkins.

Chrissy was one of the popular girls at Hawkins High, a cheerleader dating the star basketball player. Her disappearance and gruesome death in the woods outside of town instilled fear in both the teens and adults of Hawkins. The unknown nature of her murder caused panic and paranoia, as people worried there was a dangerous killer stalking the woods.

Chrissy’s death also marked the start of the strange and unexplainable events that began plaguing Hawkins. Her demise was the first indication that sinister forces were at work behind the scenes, threatening the town in ways no one could comprehend. The bizarre circumstances surrounding her death opened the door to the Upside Down and interdimensional monsters invading Hawkins.

Though she only appeared on screen briefly, Chrissy came to represent loss of innocence and the end of normalcy in Hawkins. Her tragic fate served as a catalyst for the darkness that followed and a reminder of how suddenly the lives of Hawkins’ residents could be shattered without warning. Chrissy may have been an underrated character, but her impact on the events of Stranger Things was immense and long-lasting. Her memory lived on through the end of the show, a sobering reminder of how much had been lost since that fateful night in the woods outside of town.

Chrissy’s short life and horrific death marked her as one of the most consequential characters in Stranger Things. Though often overlooked, her lasting legacy on the town of Hawkins and its residents was as immense as her fate was tragic.

Chrissy Deserved Better: The Campaign for Justice for Stranger Things’ Chrissy

Chrissy Carpenter deserved so much better. As one of the first characters we meet in Stranger Things, she seemed poised to become an integral part of the show. Instead, she was brutally killed off in the very first episode, never to be seen again.

Gone Too Soon

Chrissy’s untimely death left many fans outraged at the lost potential. She had so much to offer as a complex, compelling character. What was her backstory? What were her hopes, dreams, fears? We’ll never know, thanks to that vicious demogorgon.

Some argue that Chrissy’s death was necessary to set the proper tone for the show and demonstrate the real threat of the Upside Down. However, she didn’t have to die such a violent, demeaning death. The show’s creators could have found another way to establish stakes without fridging a character brimming with promise.

Justice for Chrissy

The campaign to bring Chrissy back is ongoing. Fans have proposed everything from flashbacks exploring her life before Hawkins to time travel shenanigans resetting the timeline. The show’s final season could provide the perfect opportunity for Eleven to right this wrong using her powers.

Even if resurrecting Chrissy proves impossible, she at least deserves a more fitting memorial. The town could organize a candlelight vigil in her honor or rename Hawkins High’s swimming pool after her. Something to acknowledge the light that was snatched from the world too soon.

Chrissy Carpenter lived on the periphery, a footnote in someone else’s story. Like so many people in real life, her bright light was extinguished before it had a chance to fully shine. She deserved so much better than that, and so do all the Chrissys of the world, real or fictional. We owe it to them to make their stories matter.


After following Chrissy’s heartbreaking story, you can’t help but feel for the poor girl. She deserved so much better than what she got in life. Though her time on the show was brief, Chrissy made a lasting impact and gave us a sobering glimpse into the struggles of a troubled teen in 1980s small-town America. Her character highlighted the immense pressures of high school and the desire to fit in, even if it means losing yourself along the way. Chrissy’s tragic fate serves as an important reminder to cherish the loved ones in your life and spread kindness whenever you can. You never know the inner battles that people may be facing or how much a small act of compassion can mean to someone. Though Chrissy’s story ended in tragedy, her memory lives on and inspires us to build a world where no one feels alone or unloved.

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